ASP300-slot-type rolling door operator (3 foot)
ASP400-slot-type rolling door operator (3 foot)
The latest 8 characteristics of the new design

1.Standard materials and strict quality control
All the accessories of the product must have the standard quality and specification. After the special design and strict quality control, the product has many characteristics that it can stand for a long time.

2.Sealing to keep from dust and revolving silently
The whole machine for opening and closing seals up. Besides, it has the equipment that can prevent the dropping and dust. Running quietly.
3.Easy to operate and no action mistake
Operating the rise and fall or stop of scrolling door easily. The product has the switch of the brake limitation and of the automatic fall. If you press the opposite direction bottom unaware while running, the motor won't run in the opposite direction.
4.Easy to install and revolved power is strong
The product is small and light. It's easy to install and revolved power is strong; and that is others' double.
5.Heat protection and safe security
The motor itself has precise heat reconnoitered machine. When it's out of work, it will cut the power automatically to keep the door and motor from damaging.
6.The gear preventing opposite running and handed-operation gear
The product has the gear preventing opposite running to avoid artificial mistake and the scrolling door running opposite. Besides, it can fall automatically or be risen by pulling chains in the power failure; operating easily and quickly.
7.Security gear and operated explanation
There is an electric butterfly brake in the product. The chain plate will totally brake away from the motor while running and it can't start the motor to prevent the operated mistake until the machine stops.
8.The gear preventing folding and running opposite
When it falls automatically and is blocked, it won't fold and run opposite to damage the door.