M4 gear rackˇ]length 1Mˇ^
Gate Operator Characteristics:
1ˇBStandard Materials, Strict Quality Control
  The accessories of the product are all superior in quality and specification. With the special design and the strict quality control, the product can bear the weather and be very durable.
2ˇBSealed, Rainproof, Windproof
  The material of the outer covering is nylon plus fiber. It possesses the certain sealed characteristic, and is rainproof, windproof.
3ˇBEasy to Operate, Accurate Movements
  The gate operator is easy to move from side to side, easy to stop.
4ˇBMechanical Brake System Function
  If the reverse button switch is touched by mistake while the limit switch is in motion, the motor will not reverse.
5ˇBEasy to install, Running Strong
  The product is small, light, easy to install, good shaping and not occupying the space.
6ˇBThermal Efficiency Protection, Guarantee of Security.
  The motor itself possesses precise thermal sensor detector. When having a breakdown, it can cut off the power source automatically to prevent the motor from burning down.
7ˇBManual Device
  The product has the hexagonal mechanical position neutral rotation button. When power cut, turn right to the neutral gear. It is easy to operate the gear operator manually.
8ˇBAdditional Safety Device
  The product is safer when it is installed together with the infrared safeguard or the touch-stop safety device.
9ˇBAdditional Autotimer System
  The product can be installed together with the autotimer or the auto-shut function, and can be set the auto-shut time as you wish.